What a Deceiver

Haileselassie Zeferzion

The young and the beautiful
Salome, daughter of Herodias
Rewarded the head of John the Baptist
For dancing at the banquet
Twisted by her mother
For adulterous fanfare!
You likewise
To become king of kings
To climb to the pinnacle
And fulfill the prophecy
Dreamt by a mother,
You sacrificed the Builder
In broad daylight at Meskel Square
To halt the Temple
The beloved son of the people!
No more baptism in the Nile
Singing and dancing with a candle
Became curse to the motherland
Blessing for the Sahel-land.
You gave Judas kiss
Bribed by the Pharaohs
Awarded a medal of betrayal
In the land of Arab Peninsula
To the innocent and the vulnerable
Who followed by the slogan
With feelings and emotion.
Now…Now…paying the price
Wow…Wow…became insecure
Living with fear and uncertainty
At last May God have mercy!

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