To be Adjudicated
By the so called realist
Lukewarm in principle
Pessimist at heart.
Not arrogance
But, Craving for freedom
Thirsty for right
Hungry for justice.
Understood the danger
But, no fear to be crucified
As Jesus of Nazareth
And Socrates of Athens.
Pen against machine gun
Words against bullets
Advocating fraternity
Becoming good Samaritans.
Born free, never been slave
His fate, to challenge
To right wrongs
Fighting for humanity.
He pave the way
Sowing the seed of equality
To be harvested in the future
The fruit of righteousness
By Generation to come.
His echo is everywhere
With no limit and boundaries
Resurrected by many
My hero, RIP
You shall be remembered
You die to live for ever.

Arcadia, California

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