What is midnight?
No way to go Forward.
Hard and tight
I could not move an inch
Forward or back. Impossible!
I could not even breathe
Darkness alone does not make
Midnight… through the tears,
And the fears I stayed up all night
Alone and lonely, till I hit the wall…
Darkness encircled me
The waves swallowed me
The shadows covered me
The abyss engulfed me
And I thought I am dead
It is over. I am no more.
But suddenly, I was there
Yes, suddenly, it all went quiet
Was I not there before? Was I not?
Who is this, or it? He? She? I don’t know
It did not matter.
I just passed through
Midnight and I was no more alone!
With me, next to me, behind me, inside me,
Around me, embracing me, everywhere!
Whoever it might be was there
Like the fond arms of my mother
Like the steady hand of my father
With me, holding me. Comforting me
I was filled with peace
Peace that passes understanding
I had survived Midnight
It was all behind me
And it has passed away
I was afraid no more
I knew the worst was over
There was nothing to fear

 May 4, 2010


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