In Loving Memory of My Second Father

Yirgaw Bahta:

In the dark house
Son abducted from mother’s bosom
Daughter from father’s arm
Snatched by merciless Satan
Shooting at a close range
Tossed at their door steps.

Weeping in terror
Mother said to her children,
Do I have to pay ransom?
To bury my loved ones.
Alas, It’s the Apocalypse!
The prophesy is fulfilled
The monster has risen from the sea.

Her husband became helpless
Lost self-respect
Stricken with pain, bruised and hurt
Staring in the eyes of his children
Scared for his beautiful wife.

Speak Menelik,
You saw it while riding your horse
St. George at your side
And Taitu, from your Sanctuary
All the wickedness and atrocity.

What went wrong?
They stretched their hands to YOU
That, You unleashed the Beasts
To massacre the Golden Youth
From Enteto to Legahar
Kottebe to Emanuel, all over the city!

Even the howl of Gonder heard  from afar
Attested by forty-four Saints
Observed by Fasiledes.

The stench of death everywhere
Students, teachers, and all walks of life.

Mekel too, harbinger of joy and laughter
Crying for help
Countless Sons and Daughters
Lying on the street
Transformed to the house of mourning!

Testify Yohans from your Palace
It was Holocaust!!! Likewise Asmara
City of Alula Aba Nega
Innumerable families dwelling in terror
Slaughter every morning
And pleading for mercy
Like the lamb of Easter.
Seventeen years of Human tragedy
A dark hole in Ethiopian History.

Haileselassie Zefertsion


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