The Fruit of Poison Tree
Haileselassie Zeferzion

Navigated from afar
Smooth tongued trader
Broker of land, air and water.
Raving wolf
False prophet
Sugar coated disguised.
Pseudohistory teller
Absurd preacher
Serving big brother
Lukewarm bleeder.
The fruit of poison treeā€¦
Loveā€¦for torture
Peaceā€¦for murder
Faithā€¦for fuehrer
Unityā€¦for displacement and hunger!
Envy drunkenness
Anarchy, lawlessness
Manipulating the herds
Leading into the abyss.
Shameless narcissist
Borne again Fascist.
Pleading for a saviorā€¦
Miracle from northern starā€¦
Envision astral crusaderā€¦
To cross the Great Riverā€¦
Arcadia, California

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