You own your rights
Earned by blood, tear and sweat!
You deserve a respect!
Yes, it is worthy to fight!
Not by bullet, but only by Ballot!

Populism breeds Tyranny
Quest for democracy
Transcend to meritocracy!
Forget not, the past atrocities
You witnessed the history.

Entertain your thoughts
Exercise all Your rights…..
Above all, oppressed rights
And, women’s rights
Then it becomes infinite rights….

Let them hear your tune
Understand your tone
Not a replica, piece by piece
You are neither Occidental
Nor you are Oriental.

Now it’s time to set course
Your own destiny
Show your power
Let them endeavor
To be a leader

Must be the wise leader
Who serves and protects from oppressors.
Not a Preacher or a Pastor
Influenced by foreigner.
To sell you to the best bidder

To whom they strive to serve
To be elected by you
Must crusade for justice
For those who you are: THE PEOPLE!

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