Executives at DP World argue that Africa needs many more ports—especially in the Horn, where conflict has stifled trade. Ethiopia, populous and fast-growing, lost its coastline when Eritrea broke away in 1991. Its 105m people rely on Djibouti for 95% of their trade. Farther inland, countries such as South Sudan, Uganda and Rwanda struggle to reach markets. DP World thinks the region from Sudan to Somalia needs 10-12 ports. It has just half that. “The whole Horn of Africa is short of ports. It’s stifling,” says one executive.

Eritreans have lived under a virtual state of emergency since then.
Severxal governmeznt ministers, military generals and prominent officials demanded the constitution’s implementatizon, following the signing of an earlier peace agreement with Ethiopia, in 2000.
The government ignored their demand and, instead, detained 11 of them. They include three former foreign ministers – Mahmoud Ahmed Sherifo, Petros Solomon and Haile Woldetensae. They have never been charged or convicted and their whereabouts remain unknown.

ሰውኣትና ዘኪረ ንውሽጢ ነቢዐ
ትካለይ ፈሪሱ ዳግም ተወቒዐ።

ልምዓትና ይቐፅል ንትከሎም ፈልስና
ኢድንኢድ ንታሓዝ ነጥፍእ ፀላእትና
በትሪ ሓፂን ንኹን ዋርድያ ሃገርና
ሎሚ’ውን ይደገም ቅያ ወለድና።