THE speed of events caught Ethiopians off guard. When Abiy Ahmed took office as prime minister on April 2nd he did so as the head of a deeply divided ruling coalition. The inexperienced 42-year-old, who came from the Oromo wing of the ethnically based coalition, was viewed with deep suspicion by many of his establishment colleagues. He was taking charge of a country under a state of emergency after more than three years of anti-government protests and ethnic unrest. Few expected him to achieve much soon.

ሲጠራ አቤት ብሎ የተማረ
ሲልኩት ወዴት ብሎ የዘመረ
ሲያዙት አንዴት ብሎ የመረመረ
ሲመረጥ ተመርቆ
ከልቡ አይርቅም ርቆ
ውሉን አይስትም ረቆ