Let me work
Give me my land
To feed myself
To be free.

Let me fight
Give me a chance
Nurture the tree
Liberation, let it be.

Let me construct
Don’t be an obstacle
Resurrect a nation
Dawning of a day
The army of the people
Am a worker-bee.

Let me say
What I want to say
My tongue is free
My thoughts clear
With pleasure I face
Challenges in front of me.

Let me sing
A song of love
Birds of spring time

Directing my mind
New tune in the air
Refreshing melody.

Let me pass
Don’t block my way
I have traveled
Sweated for miles and miles
Ready to go
Many mor again
To enjoy the light
Yonder I see.

Soaring spirits: Feb.22, 1982 Khartoum

Authors Note: I was trying to assert my freedom. I do not remember very well, but I was not happy with my colleagues and I was trying to vent my anger by stating what I felt.

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