They were genuine revolutionaires who were  wished their country the best. Many came from the well-to-do famiies or well placed in society. They were doctors, lawyers, engineers, university lecturers, pharmacists, geologists, economists, accountants, businessmen, nurses, military officers, and students.

They were indeed TRAGIC HEROES. No matter their flows, they were the ‘Golden Generation’ – a generation of ‘shameless idealists’ with a great vision and altruism. They killed and died for equality, freedom, social justice, and human dignity. Ethiopia will always remember them with weeping eyes for their selflessness and vision and with a forgiving heart for their follies. Alas, she was orphaned of her children in the twinkling of an eye.

The curtain fell on her. she receded into darkness. The revolution “frozen.”

Uprooted from their native land, survivors of those deadly years were “scattered like seeds” throughout the world. Many those who fled to neighboring countries languished for years in subhuman living condition. Others flooded European and North American cities. Wherever they lived, many of them became eternal strangers to the world and to themselves. Devoid of dreams and ideas, they lost meaning in the present or the future.

They kept chasing the elusive past.

page 295-296

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