They were genuine revolutionaires who were ย wished their country the best. Many came from the well-to-do famiies or well placed in society. They were doctors, lawyers, engineers, university lecturers, pharmacists, geologists, economists, accountants, businessmen, nurses, military officers, and students.

แ‹จแ‰ฑ แ‹ญแˆ†แŠ• แŠฉแŠ’แŠ”แ‹แฃ แ‹จแ‰ตแŠ›แ‹ แŠแ‹ แ…แ‹ตแ‰?
แ‹จแˆแ‹ตแˆฉ แ‹จแ‰…แˆญแ‰กแฃ แ‹จแˆฐแˆ›แ‹ฉ แ‹จแˆญแ‰?
แ‰ แŠฅแŠ•แŒ€แˆซ แ‰ แŒ แˆ‹ แ‰ แˆฅแŒ‹ แˆขแˆฃแ‹ญแฃ
แŠ แŠซแˆ แ‰ฅแ‰ป แŠฅแŠ•แŒ‚แฃ แŠแ‰ฅแˆต แŠ แ‰ณแ‹ตแŒแˆ แ‹ˆแ‹ญ?

แ‰ แŠแ‹˜แˆ…แˆ‹แˆ แˆˆแŠแˆฉแŠฉแ‰ฃแ‰ต
แ‹˜แˆ˜แŠ• แˆˆแ‰†แŒ แˆญแŠฉแ‰ฃแ‰ต
แ‹ณแŒแˆ แ‰ฃแŒˆแŠ˜แŠƒแ‰ต
แˆณแ‹ญแˆ˜แˆฝแ‰ฅแŠ แ‰ แŒ แ‹จแ‰แ‹ƒแ‰ต
แ‹จแˆแˆฌแŠ• แ‰ฃแŒซแ‹แ‰ตแŠซแ‰ตแข