The beloved arrives.
My roof and door become living tissue.
Stay tonight.

I have business in the city.
If you leave, I will not survive.
Give me one night.

Many people are in my care.
Their blood is my ascending planet.
I must follow that.

Taste my blood, I beg.
A rare offer. Do you know how it is for those with me?
To die seventy times and seventy times born again.

The prophet Isaac is dust by the door.
Die. I will bring you back.

Do not flutter in my hand.
Do not wince at the knife blade.

Laugh as you are pulled from the garden.
and plunged into powdered sugar.

You are Isaac. I am Abraham.
How could I hurt you? Love is a father.

The beloved leaves like a gust of wind.
Do not hurry, I call. Go slowly.

This is as slow as I can move.
No one has ever seen me when I hurry.

Be quiet now. The gray sky-horse is lame.
Flame reaches to the thicket.
Quieter. Save some for another day.

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