They were genuine revolutionaires who were  wished their country the best. Many came from the well-to-do famiies or well placed in society. They were doctors, lawyers, engineers, university lecturers, pharmacists, geologists, economists, accountants, businessmen, nurses, military officers, and students.

የቱ ይሆን ኩኒኔው፣ የትኛው ነው ፅድቁ?
የምድሩ የቅርቡ፣ የሰማዩ የርቁ?
በእንጀራ በጠላ በሥጋ ሢሣይ፣
አካል ብቻ እንጂ፣ ነብስ አታድግም ወይ?

በነዘህላል ለነሩኩባት
ዘመን ለቆጠርኩባት
ዳግም ባገኘኃት
ሳይመሽብኝ በጠየቁዃት
የምሬን ባጫውትካት።